ReNamer (flexible file and folder renamer)

Category: Others

Product's Description:
ReNamer is a small, yet very flexible file and folder renamer, that offers all the standard renaming procedures, including prefixes, suffixes, replacements, case changes as well as advanced options and support for Unicode file names.

Product's Features:
  • Modified ID3v2 libraries to support reading of the unicode data (experimental).
  • Added reading support for ID3_PartOfSet tag in ID3v2 libraries (experimental).
  • Added "open containing folder" option to the context menu of the files table.
  • Main menu and toolbar shortcuts are no longer available when editing new name.
  • No more error when using empty Replace or Remove rules in wildcards mode.
  • Added/changed a number of shortcuts in the options and files context menu.
  • Right-to-left character-wise processing of delimiters if reversed.
  • Status bar panels are resized automatically with the form.
  • Changed ambiguous Ctrl+Z,X,C,V files manipulation shortcuts.
  • Both ' and ` are handled when capitalizing words.
  • Auto apply rules option in Analyze dialog works on context menu too.
  • And many more...
Product's Info:
version 5.40
Size: 1382 kb

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista

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The GodFather (mp3 renamer and organizer)

Category: Multimedia

Product's Description:
The GodFather is an intelligent MP3 renamer and organizer, that helps you get rid of all those strange MP3 file names and convert them into a consistent name scheme, based on the artist, song, album information etc. contained in the MP3 tag.

Product's Features:

Batch rename of files using Tag/Filename/Folder name/Audio file information.
  • User defined Formats using Tag fields, File/Folder name or Tokens, Mpeg bitrate/mode as variables.
  • Smart filters enable you to have only the files that are potentially wrong listed for renaming.
  • Undo function.
  • Further refine your list to be processed by marking files to be skipped or ever edit the end result your self.
  • Powerful case conversion including custom case and all the options you would ever want.
Batch Tag update
  • Supports both ID3v1 & ID3v2 up to date versions, Ogg Vorbis comments, APEv2 tags.
  • Use File/Folder tokens, Tag variables to create tag information.
  • Filter files by the existence of tags or even by the existence of specific fields.
  • Batch process of pictures/lyrics (export, delete or both).
  • Update tags by copying/moving or auto synchronizing one to the other. And more...
Manual/single file editor
  • Full ID3 v2 support including.. pictures,lyrics and more than 20 fields.
  • Full Ogg Vorbis support including all proposed fields plus any number of user defined ones.
  • Full APEv2 support including all proposed fields plus any number of user defined ones. And more...
  • Encode/decode your files with LAME,Ogg Vorbis or mpcenc. (trans code with out losing tag information from one format to the other).
  • Restructure the files on your hard disk ( copy,move or even create shortcuts ) in new user defined location based on Tag field information.
  • Export files in delimited, fixed length format, Simple HTML or multiple pages using user defined templates. And more...
Play your mp3's
  • Internal player with 16 band equalizer.
  • Display tag info/lyrics/pictures while playing, option to display pictures from folders.
  • Automatically search And more...
Album/filename rename & update using or, Amazon, and custom sites
  • Full text search support (freeDb), Disk ID generated from the files in the folder or usage of the original CD-ROM supported.
  • Use album art and/or full comments, credits, tones, styles, composer (AMG)
  • Amazon image grabber.
  • Auto match according to Tag/Filename. And more...
Catalog your files in a powerful library
  • Store cover art and up to 4 pictures per album.
  • Store detailed info for each artist like bio, and misc other info, pictures etc.
  • Very fast with 1000's of files. And more...
  • Custom file filtering using Tag fields/bitrate. ( multiple user defined filters are supported with and/or functionality, Wildcard support <*?>, sounds like ~ support).
  • Search in local or network locations.
  • Smart ID3 Tag detection in case of both being present.
  • Custom colors to easily spot files according to Tag existence or Bitrate. And more...
Product's Info:
The God Father
version 0.70
Size: 3356 kb


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Wink (create tutorial or presentation in flash)

Category: Multimedia

Product's Description:
Wink is a Tutorial and Presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software (like a tutor for MS-Word/Excel etc). Using Wink you can capture screenshots, add explanations boxes, buttons, titles etc and generate a highly effective tutorial for your users.

Product's Features:
  • Audio: Record voice as you create the tutorial for explaining better.
  • Input formats: Capture screenshots from your PC, or use images in BMP/JPG/PNG/TIFF/GIF formats.
  • Output formats: Macromedia Flash, Standalone EXE, PDF, PostScript, HTML or any of the above image formats. Use Flash/html for the web, EXE for distributing to PC users and PDF for printable manuals.
  • Multilingual support: Works in English, French, German, Italian, Danish, Spanish, Serbian, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified/Traditional Chinese.
  • Smart Capture Tools: Capture screenshots automatically as you use your PC, based on mouse and keyboard input (great time saver and generates professional captures).
  • Performance/Quality: Creates highly compressed Flash presentations (few kbs to few hundreds of kbs, much
    smaller than competing commercial products) ideal for using on the web.
  • Tools: Navigation buttons to move to next/previous/random frames in the presentation; Callouts and shapes for displaying text explanations; Intuitive drag-n-drop editing of the frame, callout, cursor, navigation buttons and the title elements; Completely PC and Web ready with exports to PDF, HTML, SWF and EXE formats; Innovative compression techniques applied to reduce filesize of output Flash file; Uncompressed output to allow you import the output of Wink into other Flash editors; Advanced features like templates, cursor editing, palettes, background images,
    control bars & preloaders for the flash output etc.
Product's Info:
version: 2.0 build 1060 (for windows)
Size: 3272 kb

Linux (version 1.5 build 1060; Require GTK 2.4 or higher; The instlaller does not create any links/shortcuts; If the NomLock key is switched on, hotkey in Wink do not work)

for Windows

for Linux

Wink Plugin for GDS (Google Desktop Search)

Tux Paint (paint program for kids)

Category: Others

Product's Description:
Tux Paint is drawing program for children ages 3 to 12 (for example, preschool and K-6). It combines an easy-to-use interface, fun sound effects, and an encouraging cartoon mascot who guides children as they use the program. Kids are presented with a blank canvas and a variety of drawing tools to help them be creative.

Product's Features:
  • The drawing canvas is a fixed size, so the user doesn't need to worry about 'pixels' or 'inches' when making a new picture.
  • Loading and saving of images is done using thumbnails, so no knowledge of the underlying operating system's filesystem structure is needed. Even filenames are unnecessary.
  • Fun sound effects are played when tools are selected and used.
  • A cartoon version of Tux, the Linux penguin, appears at the bottom to give tips, hints and information.
  • Paint brush: Various brushes available, Parents/teachers can add more brushes, Brushes can be animated, Brushes can change shape depending on the direction they're drawn, Alternate color palettes can be created and used.
  • Rubber stamp: Hundreds of photographic and cartoon stamps images are available, Stamps can have descriptive text and sound samples (names, facts, etc.) and/or sound effects assigned to them, Raster bitmaps (Portable Network Graphics ("PNG")) with full-color and alpha transparency (32bpp RGBA) supported, Vector graphics (Scalable Vector Graphics ("SVG")) supported.
  • Line tool: Uses Paint Brush's brushes, 'Rubberband' shows where the line will be drawn as you move the mouse.
  • Shape tool: Draw various filled and unfilled polygonal shapes, Rotate shapes (this feature can be disabled for younger children).
  • Text tool: Parents/teachers can add more fonts, Supports numerous languages.
  • Available in more than 80 languanges.
  • 'Magic' (special effects) tool: Blocks (turn parts of the picture 'blocky'), Bricks, Calligraphy, Cartoon, Chalk, Distortion, Emboss, Flower, Glass, Tile, Metal, Paint, Rainbow, Smudge, and more...
Product's Info:
Tux Paint
version 0.9.20
Size: 9,518 MB (windows)

Windows: 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista
Mac OS X: version 10.3.9 or later

Disk space for Full installation: Windows (45 MB), Mac OS X (45 MB), Linux (45 MB).
Minimum CPU: Windows (200 MHz Pentium), Mac OS X (233 MHz G3), Linux (200 MHz Pentium, 233 MHz G3, etc).
Monitor: 640×480 or higher; 800x600 recommended.
Video card: Capable of 640x480, 16bpp (thousands of colors) or better; 1024x768 or better, 24bpp recommended.
Mouse: One button mouse or better; scrollwheel supported, but not required; (any device that acts as a mouse is supported, e.g.: touchscreen, drawing tablet, tablet PC, trackball, lightpen, etc.).
Memory (RAM) for default resolution (800x600): Windows (Approx. 40MB free), Mac OS X (16MB free), Linux (Approx. 33MB free).

Windows XP/2000/Vista or a stand-alone ZIP-file version

Windows 95/98/ME or a ZIP-file version

Mac OS X

Debian GNU/Linux Packages

Ubuntu Linux Packages

RPM Linus Packages

Slackware Linux Packages

OLPC XO-1 Activity

FreeBSD Packages

NetBSD Packages

Zaurus Packages

Nokia 770/800 Packages



Quick Media Converter (video and audio converter)

Category: Multimedia

Product's Description:
Quick Media Converter (QMC) is a universal video converter that was specifically designed to convert video formats to other video formats. Using open source code from a software engine called FFMPEG using its own codec library and Player. With this software you can: Extracting and converting Audio files from video or audio media.from one format to another; Extracting and converting Video without sound.from one format to another; Preview and/or listen to video and audio files with FFPLAY Multi format player.

Product's Features:
  • A myriad of formats is recognized by FFmpeg in Quick Media Converter.
  • Many files to convert? No worry, batch files processing is also supported by QMC.
  • Just drag and drop the files in the active worksheet.
  • Expert mode section now including also ffmpeg command line codes, saving your favorite profiles, two passes conversion, audio Sync and much more.
  • Click on the webcam button and start capturing in raw flux or avi divx , after this is done the software will offer you to convert your file to other formats.
  • Make a tutorial or capture your desktop activity including video games? click on Camstudio (open source) start recording and add comments on your avi divx movie output.
  • Video Conversion Formats supported: VCD, DVD, AVI, DIVX, FLASH, FLV, Quick Time, Windows Media, WMV ,Xvid, TS, MPEG, Zune, MKV, OGG, MP4, H264.
  • Audio Conversion Formats supported: WAV, MP3, WMA, AMR, M4A, OGG.
  • Ipod & Iphone Conversion formats supported: MP4, MOV, H264.
  • Video Game Consoles Conversion Formats supported: Sony (PS3, PSP;Now includes direct upload to your Psp including thumbs); Microsoft (XBOX, XBOX 360); Nintendo (WII & Nintendo DS).
  • Mobile Phones and GSM Video Formats Supported: 3G2, 3GP, MP4.

Product's Info:
Quick Media Converter
version 3.6.5
Size: 25,484 MB

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista×64

Pentium 2 and AMD 250 M Ram.

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SoftKey Revealer (display the serial keys for all installed applications)

Category: Others

Product's Description:
SoftKey Revealer reveals the CD-Key and Serials for installed softwares in computer. Overall, this application will help you save your money as weel as your time.

Product's Features:
  • Displays Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista 32-bit product keys.
  • Displays Microsoft Office XP/2003/2007 product keys.
  • Displays over 700 software product keys.
  • Save to Text or Word (Word XP and above).
  • Print.
Product's Info:
SoftKey Revealer
Size: 143 kb
Note: Free for personal use only
. Some Microsoft products not included. Games not included.

Windows 2000/XP/2003.

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PhotoFiltre (photo editing and effects)

Product's Description:
PhotoFiltre is a complete image retouching program. It allows you to perform simple or advanced adjustments to an image and apply a vast range of filters on it. Its wide range of filters allows novice users to familiarize themselves with the world of graphics. You can find the standard adjustment functions (Brightness, contrast, dyed, saturation, gamma correction) and also artistic filters (watercolor, pastels, Indian ink, pointillism, puzzle effect).

Product's Features:
  • Standard editing features (selection, clone brush, paint brush, etc.).
  • Large selection of image effects, photo masks, image adjustments, thumbnail browser and
    much more.
  • Supports batch processing to apply filters, sizing, adjustments and transformations to a large number of images at once.
  • Auto zoom adjusts the image’s size according to Photofiltre’s window size.
  • It has five different zoom options. And more...
Pros: Solid for a free image editor, Reads large amount of image formats, Quick batch convert/processing, Optimizable color palette, Quick contrast/hue/saturation buttons, Great editing features, easy-to-use, fast loading.

Cons: Limited amount of filters, Unintuitive image explorer, Crowded and not customizable interface, Doesn’t include layers.

Product's Info:
version 6.3.2
Size: 1,647 MB

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista

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EBook Builder (create professional looking ebooks)

Category: Office

Product's Description:
EBook Builder will help you compile your valuable penship to Chapters/Book format, using Rich Text Format (RTF) or plain text, into standalone, independent EBooks (.exe), requiring no supportive software.

Product's Features:
  • Toolbar.
  • Chapters: Add from files/Insert from files (txt/rtf).
  • Up to 4,000 Chapters/large file capacity support.
  • Optional Chapter numbering (Show Numbers).
  • Adjustable Chapters panel height.
  • Drag drop Chapter Titles.
  • Definable color: Title Chapter, Chapters color (background), Chapter Color (define individual "Content" color backgrounds), Window Color - all with click and drag screen color grab.
  • Updated Chapters list (improved highlighting).
  • Word Wrap/Copy All/Select All.
  • Password protect EBooks with confirm password entry.
  • Require Password to view - File > Preferences. Preferences - Can Copy/Can Find/Can Print/Require Password to View/Website or email address - definable links (bottom left/right).
  • Information dialog: General - Chapters/Word Wrap, Preferences - Can Copy/Can Find/Can Print/Require Password to View/Require Password to Edit, Name, Size, Status.
  • Find - global search (all Chapters).
  • Print Chapter/Print All Chapters.
  • Status bar - Password/Copy/Find/Print/current status.
  • Integrated Help.
  • Multilingual interface - see Select Language.
  • No installation.

EBook Features:
  • Standalone, independent (.exe), requiring no supportive software.
  • Adjustable Chapters panel height.
  • Right click: Copy All/Edit/Find/Word Wrap/Print Chapter/Print All Chapters/Send To Start Button/Send To Desktop (with Save As prompt window).
  • Improved print out margin.
  • Multilingual interface - see Select Language
  • No installation
Product's Info:
EBook Builder
version 2.00.258
Size: 355 kb

Windows (all)

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Wise Disk Cleaner 3 Free (clean junk files from your disk)

Category: Maintenance

Product's Description:
Wise Disk Cleaner is a user friendly, fast and easy to use application developed to free up disk space by deleting junk files that are no longer used by any software on your system. Even the least experienced user can easily remove junk files with this tool.
Your hard disk is littered with junk files you don't need, taking up precious hard disk space, and potentially slowing down your PC's performance. There are files of all kinds, such as temporary files that applications should delete when they're no longer needed, and various log files, index files and backup files. You'd be amazed at how much space these junk files take up.

Product's Features:
  • Wise Disk Cleaner can identify more than 50 types of junk files, and you can customize the list.
  • Only deletes the files that you tell it to.
  • You can choose to have the files permanently deleted, or else first moved to the Recycle Bin.
  • You can have the program do the cleanup automatically, or you can do it manually.

Product's Info:
Wise Disk Cleaner 3 Free
version 3.91
Size: 1,11 MB

Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/XP-x64/2003/Vista/Vista-x64/2008 Server

System Requirement:
Pentium 233 MHz or above.
32 MB RAM or above.
5 MB hard drive space or more.

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AIDA32 (personal system information)

Category: Maintenance

Product's Description:
AIDA32 is a professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program running on Win32 platforms. It extracts details of all components of the PC. It can display information on the screen, print it, or save it to file in various formats like HTML, CSV or XML. For corporate users, AIDA32 offers command-line switches, network audit and audit statistics, remote system information and network management.

Product's Features:

  • Full hardware & software information on 80 pages.
  • Built-in hardware database: detailed information about 22000 components.
  • Phyisical information for CPU, motherboard, hard disk, optical drive.
  • Motherboard chipset, buses, sensor information.
  • Installed programs, event logs list.
  • Diagnostics module to reveal possible problems.
  • Memory benchmark.
  • Automatic audit via command-line switches.
  • ADO/ODBC database support.
  • Remote control through TCP/IP network.
  • 32-bit low-level hardware detection.
  • Multi-threaded program model.
  • Full Windows XP compatibility.
  • Iomega Active Disk support.

Product's Info:
version 3.20
Size: 2097 KB

Windows (all)

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