Icon from File (find and extract icons from files)

Category: Other

Product's Description:
Icons from File is a tool for extracting icons arrays from files (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.) with ability to scan folders to search for EXE, DLL and OCX files, which contain icons.

Product's Features:
  • Extracted icons can be saved (exported) to file-all or selected icon to ICO, BMP, JPEG,EMF files and all icons as one picture to BMP, JPEG, or EMF file.
  • Ability to extract and save all icons from all files in selected folder at once.
  • All icons from the selected file can be exported to HTML document(.htm, .html) or dBase 5 file (.dbf).
  • Saving high color icons (which have more than 16 colors) is also possible.
  • Export operations can be performed also via command line.
  • Ability to print extracted icons (all or selected only).

Product's Info:
Icons from File
version 3.4
Size: 563 kb

Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista

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BitWise IM Personal (chat program that encrypts all chats and file transfers)

Category: Chat

Product's Description:
BitWise IM is an instant messenger with many advanced features; encrypted using proven, industry-standard methods; available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux; direct connect, sending messages, etc. without a server; its own network that does not rely on another system; committed to privacy with no ads or spyware.

Product's Features:
Text Messaging
Convenient toolbars, Tabbed interface with presence information, Customized timestamps and fonts, Recipient confirmation, 64 × 64 contact icons, Resizable message area, Message receipts, Typing notifications, Direct connections, Blowfish Encryption.

File Sharing
Encryption, No Transfer Limits (individual files must be less than 4 GB in size), File Resuming, File Queueing, 2-3× times faster than other IMs, Bandwith throttling, The file transfer manager gives you command of all your file transfers, View or search shared files.

Run "without a trace" on a removable drive (BitWise 1.7 or higher required). You can run BitWise from a removable disk/drive without leaving any trace of BitWise on the host computer. You can even store your logs, encryption keys, contact icons, themes, shared files, and downloaded files on the removable disk/drive without worrying about the drive letter or path assigned to it on each computer. You can change one setting nd everything is ready to go (in Setup, choose to store your preferences with the program). You can even export any existing preferences and import them after setting up your removable disk/drive.

Encryption scrambles data to prevent unauthorized disclosure. BitWise automatically encrypts all transmissions using 128-bit Blowfish encryption.

BitWise designed to be more secure by: Requiring all users to provide a valid email address to recieve a password and complete registration; Keeping your user information private, you can enter information into the public directory by choice; Providing industry-standard seamless, automatic encryption that cannot be turned off; Sending messages only from users logged in to the BitWise client or web site (no anonymous messaging); Offering enhanced encryption that lets you use your own encryption keys to prove your online identity.

BitWise is more than one-on-one IM! Every conference has a shared multi-page whiteboard just just like those available in one-on-one conversations. Let BitWise automatically log the conference to disk; save your whiteboard to disk as jpeg or png images for reviewing later.

Conferences can be by invitation only, or you can allow others to see what conferences you are in and join you automatically with a "self-invitation." For each conference, you even have the
ability to specify which groups on your contact list can self-invite. Don't forget that all conferences are encrypted, just like regular text messages.

Presence Information (Find out who is where)
Uncluttered Contact List; Search your list by name; Group your contacts; Status: knowing if Jon is online, Dave is away, or Sam is offline; Detailed presence information: when Kevin logged in, When Kevin went away, When Kevin's PC became idle, Kevin's actual local time; Unlimited custom away messages.

BitWise uses Speex audio compression, the voice-optimized subproject of the open-source Ogg Vorbis family of audio tools. The Speex compression provides incredibly clear quality even over dialup connections, and over broadband beats the quality of most telephone calls. By using direct connections that send voice data using the most direct route, BitWise Voice has minimu lag. Your calls are not routed via other BitWise users, and your computer is not used to route other users' calls. Of course, all voice data is encrypted. Voice Call Settings: Fine-tune your voice settings, Use variable or average bitrates, Change the voice bitrate, Use more or less CPU power, Modify UDP packetization.

A powerful collaborative tool, whiteboards allow you to visually share ideas with a variety of drawing tools. Every one-on-one conversation and every conference has a shared whiteboard with up to 100 pages. Use the whiteboard to create diagrams, lay out web pages, display images, mark up paragraphs of text, or even play a game or two! Save a white board as an image (jpeg or png) or in the BitWise whiteboard format, allowing you to recreate a previously drawn whiteboard without redrawing anything! Whiteboard files are naturally cross-platform, just like everything else in BitWise.

Product's Info
BitWise Personal
version 1.7.3
Size: 3,32 MB

  • BitWise is subject to US Commercial Encryption Export Controls. BitWise may not be downloaded in or used by citizens/nationals of the following countries: Afganistan, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or any other country to which the United States has embargoed goods, or any organization or company on the United States Commerce Departement's "Denied Parties List".
  • BitWise requires msvcp60.dll, which most PCs have. If you use the Zip version and msvcp60.dll is reported missing, download it directly from BitWise HERE.
Windows 98 or newer
Mac OS X 10.2.8/10.3.9/10.4/10.5
Linux with GTK 2.2+

BitWise 1.7.3 or BitWise Routing Server 1.7, click HERE.

Resource Hacker (analyze executable resources)

Category: Other

Product's Description:
Resource HackerTM is a freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables and resource files (*.res). It incorporates an internal resource script compiler and decompiler and works on Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000 and WinXP operating systems.

Product's Features:
Viewing Resources
Cursor, Icon, Bitmap, GIF, AVI, and JPG resource images can be viewed. WAV and MIDI audio resources can be played. Menus, Dialogs, MessageTables, StringTables, Accelerators, Delphi Forms, and VersionInfo resources can be viewed as decompiled resource scripts. Menus and Dialogs can also be viewed as they would appear in a running application.

Saving Resources
Resources can be saved as image files (*.ico, *.bmp etc), as script files (*.rc), as binary resource files (*.res), or as untyped binary files (*.bin).

Modifying Resources
Resources can be modified by replacing the resource with a resource located in another file (*.ico, *.bmp, *.res etc) or by using the internal resource script compiler (for menus, dialogs etc). Dialog controls can also be visually moved and/or resized by clicking and dragging the respective dialog controls prior to recompiling with the internal compiler.

Adding Resources
Resources can be added to an application by copying them from external resource files (*.res).

Deleting Resources
Most compilers add resources into applications which are never used by the application. Removing unused resources can reduce an application's size.

Product's Info:
Resource Hacker
version 3.4.0
Size: 541 kb
Last updated: 24 March 2002
Note: Resource Hacker is no longer being developed.


  • Resource HackerTM will not read 16bit (Windows 3.1) executables.
  • Resource HackerTM is currently compiled with Delphi 3.02. When decompiling and recompiling Borland's Delphi forms in applications compiled with later version of Delphi, there may be errors in the recompiled forms if frames have been used to create the form. This error is due to the inline DFM keyword not being recognized. While decompiling, the inline keyword will be replaced by object and, if manually corrected before recompiling, inline will be rejected by the internal
  • To reduce the size of application files, some applications are "packed" or "compressed" using an EXE compressor once they have been compiled. This has a side-effect of making it more difficult to view and modify resources. When a "compressed" executable is viewed with Resource HackerTM, only resource types and names will be visible but not the actual resources.
Europe (zip file)

Australia (zip file)

Updated Help File

Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese (ver 3.2.10)


Tutorial and Tips:
Tutorial by Bhikkhu Pesala

Tutorial by Vishal Gupta

Tips by Vishal Gupta

HydraIRC (the professional IRC client)

Category: Chat

Product's Description:
HydraIRC is an open-source IRC client with an attractive and easy to use interface. It supports DCC Chat and File transfers, Connecting to Multiple IRC Servers, Docking/Floating Windows, DLL Plugins, Channel Monitoring, Message Logs, Logging, Output Themes, Color Schemes, Buddy Groups, Auto-Connect, One-Click Favorites and more. You can also set up audible notifications for chat events (e.g. when your buddies type something in a channel) and maintain multiple user identities.

Product's Features:
  • Connects to multiple servers.
  • DCC File Transfers and Chat windows.
  • Fully Customizable GUI Layout.
  • Channel Monitor.
  • Event Logging.
Product's Info:
version 0.3.165
Size: 1,03 MB

Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/XP

Note: HydraIRC runs best in 16 or 32 bit display modes.


HydraIRC.zip (This is the zip file distribution, for those that like to run HydraIRC on a floppy disk)


(Here's a highly-recommended little sound-pack that I've put together for use with HydraIRC's sound notifications, unzip it to HydraIRC\sounds and configure your notification prefs (Options/ Prefs/ Buddy Groups/ Notifications).

(This is a set of Counter-Strike Tags which can be sprayed on walls when you're playing Counter-Strike. These are more new tasty chicks updated with the correct website address. CS Players love em! Note: They work for CS:Condition Zero too).

(This is a set of Counter-Strike Tags which can be sprayed on walls when you're playing Counter-Strike. They'd basically pictures of tasty chicks with guns and a little HydraIRC logo).

Gsplit (split large into smaller self uniting pieces)

Category: Other

Product's Description:
Gsplit is a free reliable file splitter that lets you split your large files (like Self-Extracting archives, Zip archives, disk images, multimedia, music, video, backup, image, archive, log, large text, document files...) into a set of smaller files called pieces. These pieces are easier to copy to floppies, distribute over theInternet or through E-mail, share with friends or colleagues, archive to Zip disks or CDs. The pieces can be easily combined, using thegenerated Self-Uniting Executable, that automatically restores theoriginal file for you without requiring GUnite.

Product's Features:
  • Ability to split any file from any size (according to your computer configuration) including very large files (larger than 4 GB) or small files (<100kb).
  • Possibility to write pieces directly to floppy disks (disk-spanned pieces) or in specified folders with specific size (blocked pieces).
  • You can define a specific size for your pieces in bytes, KB, MB or GB; or choose one of the predefined values (1, 44 Mb - 2,88 Mb - 1 GB - CD - DVD - 10 Kb...). You can also add your own values to the list.
  • You can also enter the number of pieces you want to create, both number of pieces and size of each piece... You actually have four modes to split your large file.
  • Ability to crete small Self-Uniting programs (SFU): this means that your end users can restore the original file without having GUnite (the program which joins pieces together). Your end users have just to insert the first disk and launch this executable file to rejoin all pieces together to restore the original file!
  • The SFU program file only takes about 70 kb and features a real Windows interface (no console window nor batch processing, trueGUI mode).
  • The Self-Uniting Executable file can be fully customized (change the default icon and the information resources, check the integrity of the restored file to detect file corruption, choose a destination folder for the restored file, etc.).
  • Distribute your files safely: GSplit uses three methods to check the integrity of the restored file: file size file size, offset and CRC32. Checks are very fast and and efficient: when unitinga file, if a piece file is corrupted, GSplit will indicate you which one. So you can grab a new copy of this piece and not the entire set of pieces!
  • Split large text files ((server logs, CSV databases...) by number of lines or number of occurrences of a pattern.
  • You can let GSplit decide for the size of your pieces with the disk-spanned piecetype.
  • GSplit tries itself to find out the best splitting options when you select a file & destination folder.
  • You can determine the piece filenames using a mask. GSplit does not use the file extension to find the needed piece file (like PIE.001, PIE.002...). Your pieces can get names of your choice like DISK1.PIE, MYDOC PIECE 1.GSD, DISK001.DAT...
  • Unite your pieces and restore the original file directly from floppy or hard disks.You do not have to copy all pieces in a temporary folder and then run the uniting tool. SFU programs and GUnite prompt you to insert the next disk when required.
  • You may create custom profiles and each time directly split your files with the configuration of your choice (you do not need to set the options each time).
  • Includes GUnite, a stand-alone uniting tool in the case you don't want togenerate a SFU program. The size is enough small if you want to distribute it (285 kb).
  • Comes with a portable edition enough small to fit on a single floppy disk. No installation is required, no setting is written on the computer.

Product's Info:
version 3.0.0
Size: 1491 kb

System requirement:
  • Microsoft Windows® 95 OS2, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista or higher.
  • Intel Pentium 233 MHz (Recommended: Pentium 500MHz or greater).
  • 128 MB RAM (Recommended: 256 MB RAM or greater).
  • For Windows 95 users: you must have the COMCTL32.DLL update version 4.72 or higher;
    HTML Help 1.1 or higher; and Microsoft Tahoma and Verdana fonts. You already have
    these components if you installed Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+.

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Small Videosoft (a lot of free video softwares)

Category: MultiMedia

Product's Description:
Smallvideosoft.com have many free video softwares:
Freez iPod Video Converter

Freez iPod Video Converter is a video conversion program that can convert batches of video files to MP4 video files to be played on your iPod.
Freez iPod Video Converter supports most popular video formats that can be converted into iPod video. These include AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, MOV, RM, RMVB, DivX, Flv, SWF, VOB, 3GP etc.
You can choose the output iPod MP4 video's video encoder (MPEG-4/H.264), video size, video bitrate, audio bitrate, audio channel, volumn etc.
Freez iPod Video Converter has easy-to-use interface and can convert video files at high speed.

Freez 3GP Video Converter

Freez 3GP Video Converter is a 3GP-converting tool for mobile phone users. With Freez 3GP Video Converter, you can convert batches of video files to 3gp, 3g2 formats to be played on mobile phones.
Freez 3GP Video Converter supports most popular video formats to be converted to 3gp video, including AVI, DivX, Xvid, MPEG 1/2/4, VOB, WMV, ASF, MP4, MOV, RM, RMVB, Flv, SWF etc. You can create both 3GPP and 3GPP2 video files. The output video codecs include MPEG4, XVID and H263; the audio codecs include AMR-NB and AAC-LC.
You can set the video size, quality, framerate, audio bitrate, frequency, and channel. And there are two zoom modes: Stretch and Letterbox, which will add black letterbox on output video to keep aspect ratio.
Freez 3GP Video Converter is easy-to-use, fast and creates good quality.

Freez Screen Video Capture

Freez Screen Video Capture is a screen-capture & screen-recording tool to record screen activities and sounds into standard AVI video files. You can record any part of the screen's activities and the cursor's movements, using a microphone to narrate your screen recordings.
You can choose the output video's compressor (such as Microsoft Video 1, MPEG-4, DivX...), quality, framerate, audio format (such as PCM, ADPCM, MP3, OGG...), and volumn. You can also start, pause, and stop screen
recording with hotkeys. Use Freez Screen Video Capture to create screen demos, training videos, animated tutorials, animated presentations etc.

Freez DVD Ripper

Freez DVD Ripper is a DVD ripping tool to rip your favorite DVD movies to popular DivX/Xvid AVI files, H.264 MP4 files, and
even iPod MP4 video files with fast DVD ripping speed and excellent quality.
With Freez DVD Ripper, you can choose which titles and chapters, audio tracks, and subtitle tracks of the DVD you want to rip.
You can also choose the output video format from AVI (DivX MPEG4), AVI (Xvid), MP4 (H264) or iPod MP4 Video. You can also set the video size, bitrate and framerate, audio channel, bitrate and frequency.
Freez DVD Ripper has a user-friendly interface and you can rip DVD with only a few clicks.

Freez Flv to Mp3 Converter
Freez Flv to MP3 Converter is a tool to convert Flash FLV files to MP3 files so that they can be played in Windows Media Player.
You can set the output MP3 audio's bitrate, frequency, channels, or simply set the values same as Flv's audio stream. With just a few clicks, you can convert batches of Flv files to MP3 files at a high speed. The simple and friendly interface makes the program very easy to use.

Freez Flv to AVI/MPEG/WMV Converter
Freez Flv to AVI/MPEG/WMV Converter is a tool to convert Flash FLV video files to AVI, MPEG, WMV video files so that they can be played in Windows Media Player or edited by video editing software.
You can set output video's bitrate, framerate, output audio's bitrate. Convert batches of Flv files to AVI/MPEG/WMV files with high speed. The simple and friendly interface make the program very easy to use.

Product's Features:
Freez iPod Video Converter
  • Supports most popular video formats: AVI to MP4, MPEG/MPG to MP4, RM to MP4, VCD to MP4, 3GP to MP4, DivX to MP4, WMV to MP4, RMVB to MP4, VOB to MP4, Flv to MP4, Xvid to MP4, ASF to MP4, SVCD to MP4, MOV to MP4, SWF to MP4. Note: If you want to convert DVD to MP4 video, you should use Freez DVD Ripper.
  • Supports MPEG-4 and H.264 video compression.
  • Popular output video resolution that can be played on iPod: 784x288*, 752x304*, 720x320*, 672x336*, 640x352*, 624x368*, 592x384*, 576x400*, 480x480*, 480x160, 432x176, 400x192, 368x208, 336x224, 320x240, 288x256, 272x272. Note: *only for MPEG-4 video compression.
  • Can set output video bitrate (up to 769 Kbps for H.264 video, up to 2500 Kbps for MPEG-4 video), audio bitrate, audio channel, and adjust audio volumn.
  • Can set iPod MP4 file's title.
  • Convert batches of video files to iPod MP4 video with high speed.
  • User-friendly interface without any complicated settings.
  • Free to use and free registration.

Freez 3GP Video Converter
  • Supports most popular video formats: AVI to 3GP/3G2, DivX to 3GP/3G2, Xvid to 3GP/3G2, MPEG/MPG to 3GP/3G2, WMV to 3GP/3G2, ASF to 3GP/3G2, RM to 3GP/3G2, RMVB to 3GP/3G2, SVCD to 3GP/3G2, VCD to 3GP/3G2, VOB to 3GP/3G2, MOV to 3GP/3G2, 3GP to 3GP/3G2, Flv to 3GP/3G2, SWF to 3GP/3G2.
  • High-speed 3GP encoder with our own MMX/SSE/SSE2-optimized encoding core.
  • Supports batch conversion. So, you can convert a number of video files at the same conversion settings at one time.
  • Supports video codec: DivX, MPEG4, Xvid, H.263.
  • Can set the video resolution, video quality, framerate and zoom mode (Letterbox or Stretch).
  • Supports audio codec: AMR-NB, AAC-LC (Advanced Audio Coding).
  • Can set the audio bitrate, audio frequency and audio channel.
  • Has intuitive and friendly interface, and works as a wizard. So, it is very easy to operate.
  • Free to use & free to register.

Freez Screen Video Capture
  • Start, pause, stop screen recording with user-defined hotkeys.
  • Record screen activities into Standard or Compressed AVI video files.
  • Record any region of the screen.
  • Record Screen in any screen color depth.
  • Supports sound recording from microphone, videotape, Internet, etc.
  • Select the video encoder for your screen recording output AVI file.
  • Adjustable screen capture framerate, output AVI video quality.
  • Set the sound recording format and compressed audio format.
  • Can record Actual Cursor on the screen.
  • User-friendly interface, easy to use.
  • Free to use and register.

Freez DVD Ripper

  • Can rip DVD movies and convert DVD to MPEG-4 DivX / Xvid AVI format.
  • Can rip DVD movies and convert DVD to H.264 MP4 format for Apple TV, PSP.
  • Can rip DVD movies and convert DVD to iPod MP4 format.
  • Can rip both encrypted or unencrypted DVD movies.
  • You can select DVD source from both hard drive and real DVD.
  • You can select the titles and chapters to be ripped from DVD.
  • You can select the audio tracks and subtitle tracks to be ripped from DVD.
  • Set the output video resolution, video bitrate (up to 2500 kbps) and video framerate.
  • Set the output audio channel, audio bitrate and audio frequency.
  • High-speed conversion.
  • User-friendly interface without any complicated settings.
  • Free to use and free registration.

Freez Flv to Mp3 Converter

  • Convert Flv to MP3.
Freez Flv to AVI/MPEG/WMV Converter
  • Convert Flv to AVI/MPEG/WMV.
I use the software on my computer (windows XP), works well. I guess all this software only works on Windows.
I have no information whether these softwares work on other platform.

Download these softwares HERE

AceMoney (personal finance manager)

: Finance

Product's Description:
AceMoney helps to organize and manage personal finances quickly and easily. It supports all the features required for home or even small-business accounting needs.

Product's Features:
Manage multiple accounts of different types
AceMoney supports checking, savings, credit cards, loans, debt accounts. You can even create your own account type, such as a cash allowance for your kids!

Create and manage budgets
The program has more than 100 predefined spending categories. Setup budget limits for every category and track the difference between actual and budgeted values.

Tracks performance of investments
Track 401k, Stock options, Employee Stock Purchase Plans or any other investment activities. You don't need to enter the stock quotes manually: AceMoney will download them from the net!

Do your financial math in multiple currencies
The software supports more than 150 different currencies and automatically downloads their exchange rates from Internet.

Track your spending habits and see where the money goes
Generate any report by categories or payors/payees, including pie charts. Now you can see at a glance how much you spent on food last month. Find all your withdrawals and deposits by any parameter.

Enjoy the convenience of on-line banking
Download and import information from on-line banks in QIF and OFX formats. If you run a small business, export to HTML, Text, or CSV formats to generate statements or perform complex statistical analysis.

Don't miss the next deadline for bills
AceMoney takes control over your bills and shows you when they should be paid.

Double check
Enjoy the security of password protection of every file, scheduled backups and many other features without having any experience in accounting!

Plan debts and mortgage payments
AceMoney provides a loan calculator to plan debt payments and a professional mortgage calculator to estimate future morgage payments if you are planning to purchase real estate.

Do e-business with AceMoney
Are you selling goods on eBay? Are you in a shareware business? Do it with AceMoney! AceMoney automates input of orders coming from PayPal, RegNow, RegSoft, SWReg and Plimus.

Product's Info:
version 3.12.3
Size: 2,38 MB

Windows (32-bit; at least 8 MB RAM)
Linux with Wine

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TrueCrypt (free open-source disk encryption software)

Category: Privacy Tool

Product's Description:
TrueCrypt is an open-source encryption software that enables you to create a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mount it as a virtual disk, that can be accessed via a drive letter. Any file that is stored on this virtual drive is automatically encrypted on-the-fly, and can only be accessed while the drive is mounted with the correct password or key.

Product's Features:

  1. Hidden volume (steganography) and hidden operating system.
  2. No TrueCrypt volume can be identified (volumes cannot be distinguished from random data).

Product's Info:
version 6.1a
Size: 2,99 MB

Windows XP/Vista
Mac OS X

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i.Scribe (a small and fast email client)

Category: Email

Product's Description:
Scribe is a small and fast email client with an intergrated contact database and calendar. It supports all the major internet mail protocols and uses international standards where possible. Scribe doesn't required installing or uninstalled and can be used from a removable drive without reconfiguration. Because Scribe runs on Windows and Linux you can take your mail with you when you change operating system. Scribe protects you from the usual security holes in other email clients with it's own virus safe HTML control and executable attachment protection.

Product's Features:
Free or Commercial Email Client.
i.Scribe is free for everyone to use. No time limits, no nagging shareware banners or number of trials. It is however limited to one account and five user defined filters. If you want to use more than one account and/or more filters then there is the commercial version InScribe.

Spam Free.
Scribe has a built in bayesian spam filter that learns what type of email you consider to be "junk". Once it has a hundred or so spam to train on it can start filtering incomming spam automatically.

Scribe is quite small, less than a MB to download. And even when downloaded takes up very little of your hard disk or memory while running. You can easily use Scribe from a portable drive like a USB flash card.

Startup and shutdown are very quick. Typically taking only a second or two. Mail sends and receives go as fast as your net connection allows. Scribe uses a flexible flat file format for mail storage you can move email with huge attachments around with no effort at all.

Scribe comes totally self contained. You can either use the installer version or just unzip the distribution file. Uninstall, there's no dll's left lying around or registry settings to worry about.

Scribe runs in Windows and Linux. Allowing users to maintain all their email and contacts in one place. Run the version of scribe for the OS your running and access the email received in another OS.

Up To Date.
Updates about once a month since the start of 1999.

Scribe can be translated into any language. English, Swedish, Czech, Turkish, Russian, Lithuanian, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Luganda, Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Farsi, Dutch, Serbian, Polish, Norwegian, Japanese, Chinese, Traditional, Russian, French, Italian.

Scribe has a plugin interface that allows people to expand the capabilities of the application.

Scribe is not vunerable to email virus' like Klez and Bugbear because the HTML support is not provided by Internet Explorer but by a built in HTML control that has no scripting, network or execute capability. The attachment list won't hide the real extension of a file either.
And if a virus does get in through by some other means, it won't be able to find your address book thus preventing it from mailing itself to all your contacts.
Finally Scribe won't let you open a file from the attachment list when it has an executable image (PE or ELF) or has a standard scripting exetension (like .VBS on windows). This prevents users accidently opening virii directly. If you have been sent a safe executable that you do need to run, then you can save it to disk and run it from there.

Scribe supports importing and exporting mail, contacts and calendar events to many open formats such as MBOX, .eml (single email), vCard, vCal/iCal and CSV (comma separated variables) contacts. Also support for proprietry formats and API's such as MAPI (import/export available only on windows), Outlook Express's MBX/DBX format and Eudora's address book is included.

Product's Info:
version 1.89
Size: 966K (windows), 2216K (Mac OS X), 1705K (Linux)

Mac OS X

for Windows
for Mac OS X
for Linux

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Audacity (free audio editor)

Category: MultiMedia

Product's Description:
Audacity is a free, easy-to-use audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. You can use Audacity to: Record live audio, Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs, Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files, Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together, Change the speed or pitch of a recording.

Product's Features:

Recording: Audacity can record live audio through a microphone or mixer, or digitize recordings from cassette tapes, vinyl records, or minidiscs. With some sound cards, it can also capture streaming audio.
  • Record from microphone, line input, or other sources.
  • Dub over existing tracks to create multi-track recordings.
  • Record up to 16 channels at once (requires multi-channel hardware).
  • Level meters can monitor volume levels before, during, and after recording.
Import and Export: Import sound files, edit them, and combine them with other files or new recordings. Export your recordings in several common file formats.
  • Import and export WAV, AIFF, AU, and Ogg Vorbis files.
  • Import MPEG audio (including MP2 and MP3 files) with libmad.
  • Export MP3s with the optional LAME encoder library.
  • Create WAV or AIFF files suitable for burning to CD.
  • Import and export all file formats supported by libsndfile.
  • Open raw (headerless) audio files using the “Import Raw” command.
  • Note: A Audacity does not currently support WMA, AC, or most other proprietary or restricted file formats.
  • Change the pitch without altering the tempo, or vice-versa.
  • Remove static, hiss, hum, or other constant background noises.
  • Alter frequencies with Equalization, FFT Filter, and Bass Boost effects.
  • Adjust volumes with Compressor, Amplify, and Normalize effects.
  • Other built-in effects include: Echo, Phaser, Wahwah, Reverse.
Sound Quality:
  • Record and edit 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit (floating point) samples.
  • Record at up to 96 kHz
  • Sample rates and formats are converted using high-quality resampling and dithering.
  • Mix tracks with different sample rates or formats, and Audacity will convert them automaticallu in realtime.
  • Add new effects with LADSPA plug-ins.
  • Audacity includes some sample plug-ins by Steve Harris.
  • Load VST plug-ins for Windows and Mac, with the optional VST Enabler.
  • Write new effects with the bulit-in Nyquist programming languange.
  • Spectrogram mode for visualizing frequencies.
  • "Plot Spectrum" command for detailed frequency analysis.
Free and Cross-Platform:

Product's Info:
version 1.2.6 (stable)
Size: 2,18 MB


version 1.3 (Beta- for advanced users)

System requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
Mac OS X

Windows 1.2.6
Mac OS X 1.2.5 (Intel) or 1.2.6 (PPC)
Linux/Unix 1.2.6 (in source code)


Beta version:
Windows 1.3.6
Mac OS X 1.3.6 (Universal Binary)
Linux/Unix 1.3.6 (in source code)